Anonymous said: Dom mazzetti is just a guy trying to make some people laugh, he is actually a smart guy. Just because he doesn't appeal to your apparently AWFUL sense of humor doesn't mean he's the worst. Just means you are dick and need to get our head out of your ass. THAT'S JUSTICE.

(Regarding this.)

I know he’s trying to make people laugh. He’s actually succeeding with a lot of people I know. And I never called him the worst. I just think that, on a very basic level, that character makes no sense. To me, at least. As far as I can tell they’re just dressing up crappy jokes/observations in a funny costume. It’s like when people do those weird “parody” accounts on twitter that aren’t really parodies of anything. They just take a character like, say, Stewie Griffin, and then just make shitty jokes that have nothing to do with that character.

I am a dick with an ass and the head of me is up the dick that I am’s ass.