here I am directing episode 1 of the Choose Your Own Adventure Podcast

here I am directing episode 1 of the Choose Your Own Adventure Podcast

What matters in life is not what happens to you but what you remember and how you remember it.

we took over the yale student lounge

I am often surprised when people talk about the total implausibility of the events in Márquez’s fiction. Having been born and lived in a deeply spiritual and extraordinarily resourceful part of the Caribbean, a lot of what might seem magical to others often seems quite plausible to me.

Of course a woman can live inside her cat, as the character Eva does in Márquez’s 1948 short story ‘Eva Is Inside Her Cat.’ Doesn’t everyone have an aunt who’s done that?

my favorite Jeff Buckley lyric

my favorite Jeff Buckley lyric

Stop Saying “Do What You Love, Love What You Do.” It Devalues Actual Work.


BILL WATTERSON ‘A cartoonist’s advice’

A Lesson in Kindness


Last week I had to stop by the grocery store on my way home from work, and trying to make a right turn out of the parking lot became impossible. The street was narrowed from six lanes down to just two - each one in opposite directions - and the line of cars seemed endless. No one would let me…

In a world that often leaves me feeling like taking a stance one way or the other is futile, I find myself so consistently pro-Lockwood

Oh great, here comes Dan with another one of his cockamamie schemes!

I know, I know, but hear me out.

I, along with my dear-ass friend Melissa, are assembling a live comedy show in New Jersey. We need some money to do it. 

The show itself is hard to explain. It’s called The Marty Higgins Memorial Laff-A-Thon. Marty isn’t a real person, and although he had a disease so rare it’s going to be named after him, he was actually killed by an acute board game allergy. The show will feature appearances by people from Marty’s life—e.g. his scoutmaster—and local celebrities like former pro wrestler turned restaurateur Big Beef Tomato. We’ll also have live music. We’ll also have standup and improv segments.

Okay, so maybe it’s not that hard to explain. But you know what is hard? Bankrolling this thing. You see, costumes cost money. Lavalier mics cost money. People who aren’t your friends cost money. That’s where you come in. We’ve already gathered $150, and that’s exciting, but we need more.

What do you have to gain from donating money to a show you won’t be able to attend if you aren’t geographically near it? Well, we do have a bunch of perks listed on our indiegogo page, which you can claim upon donating. Additionally, we’re going to film the show (professionally, if we get enough money!), so you can see exactly what kind of nonsense your money went to. 

If you can’t afford to donate, why not tell your rich friends to donate? Reblog this post. Share a link. Follow us on twitter. Thank u